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Free to be Green

CW34 OKC :: Community - Free to be Green

CW 34 presents "Free 2 B Green", a campaign to promote a green lifestyle and greener Oklahoma by reducing each of our environmental footprints. Here you will find tips, links and other information to get you started on the path to being green. Making a few small changes in your home and yard can lead to big reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and save money. Explore our list of simple steps you can apply around the house and yard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Change a light, and you help change the world. Replace the conventional bulbs in your 3 most frequently used light fixtures with compact fluorescent bulbs, and you will help the environment by saving 300 pounds of carbon dioxide and $60 a year on your energy bills.

Inflate Your Tires
Keep the tires on your car adequately inflated. Check them monthly and you’ll save 250 pounds of carbon dioxide and $840 a year.

Change Your Air Filter
Check your car’s air filter monthly. It will save 800 pounds of carbon dioxide and $130 per year.

Fill The Dishwater
Run your dishwasher only with a full load. It will save 100 pounds of carbon dioxide and $40 per year.

Use green power
Green power is environmentally friendly electricity that is generated from renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun.

Use Recycled Paper
If there is a recycling program in your community, recycle your newspapers, beverage containers, paper and other goods. Make sure your printer paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper. You’ll save 5 pounds of carbon dioxide for each ream of paper you use.

Be green in your yard
Use a human-powered push mower, which, unlike a gas or electric mower, consumes no fossil fuels and emits no greenhouse gases. If you do use a power mower, make sure it is a mulching mower to reduce grass clippings.

Adjust Your Thermostat
Move your heater thermostat down 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer. You’ll be amazed at your energy savings with just a small change.

Buy A Hybrid Car
The average driver could save 16,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and $3,700 per year driving a hybrid car.

Buy A Fuel Efficient Car
Getting a few extra miles per gallon makes a big difference. Save thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide and lots of money.

Carpool When Possible
Carpooling with friends and co-workers saves vehicle emissions and money!

Plant A Tree
Trees change carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe.

Replace Old Appliances
Inefficient appliances waste energy. Save hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide and hundreds of dollars by updating your appliances.

Weatherize Your Home
Caulk and weather-strip your doorways and windows. You could save 1,700 pounds of carbon dioxide and more than $200 per year in energy costs.

Here are some additional links for more information on “Green Living”:

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